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Kalmia Breathing jewelry

Kalmia Breathing jewelry

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Your nicotine-free companion in the fight to quit smoking

The craving for smoke is strong. Especially on nights out and in social contexts.
Finding a healthy alternative can be the difference between quitting and failure.

Kalmia is made to give you control over nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
Such as anxiety, stress, smoking cravings and insomnia.

4 Reasons to replace cigarettes with Kalmia

  1. Breathing techniques are one of the best ways to increase your well-being. Proven by science.
    Kalmia slows down your breathing, and gives you control over stress, anxiety and nicotine cravings. Slow breathing creates a sense of calm and control over your impulses.

  2. Stop using cigarettes and vape as a crutch against anxiety and stress.
    Kalmia was originally manufactured as a healthy way to deal with stress and anxiety. Kalmia also happens to be the perfect way to deal with withdrawal symptoms when quitting nicotine.
    A healthy alternative that works. Because you always carry it with you.

  3. Replaces the hand to mouth movement from cigarettes and vape.
    Kalmia replaces the addictive ritual of taking a puff or puff from a cigarette or vape.

  4. Save up to SEK 24,000 per year
    You're not just saving yourself from dangerous chemicals in cigarettes and vapes. The average smoker spends just under SEK 2,000 per month on cigarettes.
    Nicotine patches, chewing gum, snus and other alternatives are expensive.
    Kalmia is a one-time cost, and can be used for a lifetime.

Extend the exhalation and reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate within 2 minutes.

Stress triggers short breaths that put you in "fight or flight" mode.

Simple. Efficient. High quality.

  • Completely silent - Use in the classroom, at lectures or on public transport. Discreet and can be used anywhere.
  • Stainless Medical Steel - We use high quality stainless steel.
  • Always close at hand - When the urge to smoke hits or you're stressed, you have the solution around your neck.
  • Perfect Circumference - Kalmia is designed with exhalation in mind. Length and circumference are adjusted accordingly.

Materials & durability

The jewelry will not fade, rust or dull.
Made of stainless steel.

Shipping & returns

Delivery is insured and trackable.

The delivery time for this product is 6-12 days.

To keep prices down for you as a customer, we use suppliers abroad. This leads to longer delivery times but means that we can offer lower prices and free shipping.

Returns & size changes

We offer a 30-day right of withdrawal on this item from the day you receive the package. To return the product, the packaging must be unopened and the product unused.

Customer support

Do you have questions?
Email us at
Our customer support works Monday-Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.
We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Min flickvän älskade den.

Min flickvän älskade den och om hon är lycklig så är jag lycklig. Hon har rökt länge. Jag hoppas hon kan sluta nu

Det är okej.

Det var en ok produkt, men jag önskar att den var större.

älskade den

Bättre kvalitet än förväntat för priset.

Fin gåva

Jag älskar detta halsband. En mycket söt gåva till en stressad älskad person.


Min dam älskar (behöver) det!!!


halsbandet är bra.

Fint halsband

Det är ett mycket fint halsband precis som bilderna.

Elisabeth N.

Alldeles för lite motstånd i den för att det ska kännas, kan lika bra göra andningsövningar utan den

Lena L.

Kalmia Andningssmycke

Andersson L.

Kalmia Andningssmycke